Slick Design Meets Great Features-Review Of The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

Without a doubt, this kettle looks great; Not only that, it also comes with some pretty advanced features as well. Let’s explore this little cute looking device in more detail.

Design and Looks

The Cuisinart CPK-17 looks refreshing and slick because of its nice stainless steel body and the way its controls are situated on kettle’s handle.

It has a capacity of 1-2/3-liters and there is a blue backlit water window, enabling the user to observe the water level. Its heating element is concealed and it comes with a removable and washable scale filter. This kettle’s lid is easily removed and there is even a lid release button available. This kettle is cordless and the base has a 360-degree swivel rotation feature. Another important consideration here is that the kettle is very lightweight, making it pretty easy to carry around.


This electric kettle performed really well, bringing more than 1 liter of water to rolling boil within minutes of switching it on. Another thing I’d like to add is that you can select one of the preset temperature settings to boil the water according to your needs.

There are 6 presets in this kettle

  1. Delicate (160°F)
  2. Green (175°F)
  3. White (185°F)
  4. Oolong (190°F)
  5. Herbal (200°F)
  6. Black (Boil – 212°F)
  7. French Press (200°F) 

Special Features That Set This Kettle Apart From Other Competitors

We discussed how this kettle performs, and now we’ll take a look at some of the special features the are available with this device. Here is the list of features that I felt are really useful and some of the smart features of this kettle

  • 6 Preset Temperatures – You can choose from one of the 6 preset temperature settings provided on the handle of this kettle. This is particularly useful if you are making hot water using one of the presets provided (for example, making herbal tea, black tea, etc.).
  • Keep warm feature and indicator – This kettle can keep the boiled water warm for 30 minutes after it has reached its boiling temperature, just use the “stay warm’ button provided on the grip of the kettle.
  • Start Stop Indicator – This little feature makes using the kettle easier.
  • Blue-lit Water Window – This feature helps you see the water level inside the kettle.
  • Stay Cool Handle – Handle stays cool to keep you from being burned.
  • Sleep Mode – If you are not using this kettle for more than 5 minutes, then the device goes into sleep mode. It’s a good feature to save electricity and also is a great safety feature.
  • Auto Shut-off Feature – Like most of the leading electric kettles, this kettle automatically shuts off to prevent over boiling the water.


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It has lots of special features which include an auto shut-off, a water level indicator, sleep mode, preset temperature settings and a stay warm feature. It’s a cordless kettle and boils 1.7 liters of water in only a few minutes.


We felt that the kettle is bit expensive when compared to other similar electric kettles

Our Verdict

Packed with lots of useful features, this “programmable” electric kettle by Cuisinart steals your heart with its design and utility features. Though priced higher than the Hamilton 10 Cup Kettle or the Aroma H20, this kettle is worth its price tag.

And, we say – ready, steady, boil!