Review Of The Proctor-Silex Electric Kettle

Electric kettles are usually inexpensive and you can usually get a nice kettle for around $50 and for $100 (or maybe even a little less). Which means that a feature rich kettle can be yours without breaking the bank. Which is good for those of us trying to live on a budget.

However, what if you are looking a really cheap electric kettle? Maybe you want a good quality kettle but only plan on using it for a little while, or maybe you need to buy several kettles at the same time and don’t want to shell out a whole lot of money. What do you do in those instances?

Well, you do have an option. The kettle that I’m reviewing today is not only a great quality kettle, but it also has a pretty affordable price. I think it’s a deal that just can’t be passed on.

In-Depth Review Of The Proctor -Silex Electric Kettle

Just in case you were wondering about the brand of this kettle, let me end the suspense and tell you that it is from Proctor Silex. A company that is owned by Hamilton Beach Brands Inc and is one of the leading manufacturers of home appliances products. Now that we know who produced it, let’s dig into some details about it.


This kettle has a plastic body and is really lightweight. It has a nice design that comes with a decent handle that has good grip, most of the time, although I do have to admit that sometimes it can become slippery. This device also has a blue colored water level indicator window which is a good feature to help you keep an eye on the water level.


The kettle does perform really well, bringing the water to boiling temperature (full pot) in just under 7 minutes.  For a smaller amount of water (let’s say 1 or 1-1/2 cups), it’s ready for use in under 2 minutes. It uses a 1000-watt heating element, which is a little less than other kettles (most of them use 1500 watts or more). Having said all that, I do believe this device does a very good job.

Fancy Features?

Though this device is priced on the low end, it does have few useful features it deserves praise for.

  • Auto Shut-Off – Cuts of the function and avoids over-boiling of the water.
  • Detachable Cord – The kettle is corded, however, the cord is detachable. This means freedom of movement.
  • Dual Water Windows – Helps you keep an eye on the water level.


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Excellent pricing and the kettle is pretty durable. It boils the water quickly and the kettle is easy to use. It also comes from a well-known brand that makes decent consumer products.


This kettle is plastic and you might notice a little plastic smell in the water (for at least the first couple of times). The cord is a pain to plug in and unplug for every use. Sides of kettle get a little hot, making it a little unsafe for use around children and the heating coil is difficult to clean.


If you don’t need advanced features and aren’t too worried about some of the drawbacks of this kettle, then you might want to take a closer look at it. Especially if you want a rock-bottom priced kettle that does one basic job well, and that’s boil water. Which means that this device is basically an inexpensive working kettle and nothing more than that.