Review of the Nesco GWK-02 Electric Glass Kettle- Looks Good, Works Great

Electric tea kettles are quickly becoming necessary kitchen appliances these days. These kettles not only help you make instant tea or coffee but they also help you prep the snacks you like, such as noodles and they can even deliver you with almost instant hot water so you can make soup.

Being better than the old-fashioned stove top kettles, at least in my opinion, they are portable as well. So they can be used in offices, and they can help you when you are traveling.

In today’s review, we going to discuss one of the most talked about electric kettles, the Nesco GWK-02 Electric Glass Kettle. Let’s dive right into the review of the Nesco Electric water/tea kettle right away.

Detailed Review of the Nesco GWK-02 Electric Glass Kettle

Introduction to the Manufacturer

The Nesco electric tea kettle will be one beautiful accessory in your kitchen. It is manufactured by a leading American manufacturer, Nesco, which is well known in the market for its durable products such as food dehydrators, roaster ovens, food slicers, food grinders and small kitchen appliances such as kettles.

What are this Kettle’s Unique Aspects?

If you’re in the habit of skipping breakfast and needing your morning cup of tea at the office, then the Nesco electric kettle may be able to help you out. It boils water quickly and is even faster than most of the microwave ovens out there. It is also energy-efficient as it utilizes only about half of the energy of a stovetop. This is the perfect kitchen appliance and can also be used in dorm rooms, offices, and RVs.

The kettle features a lid that can be easily removed with a push of a button. This makes it easier to fill and to clean. Pressing this button closes the lid so that no water or beverage can leak out of the lid while it’s pouring. This kettle also contains a 360-degree swivel power base. It also includes a glass pitcher that does not have any cord so it is easier to carry and pour water or beverage.

It has a power indicator that lets its user know from a considerable distance if it is switched on. There is also an auto shut-off protection mode that helps turn the kettle off when the water is thoroughly boiled. This kettle is also UL-certified.

The Nesco GWK-02 is for more than just boiling water, however. It also has a wide variety of purposes such as making tea, coffee or any other type of hot beverage. People also use it to make instant soups and ramen noodles. This kettle will help you make oatmeal and hot cereals, instantly when you are running short of time. Other uses include making boxed Mac & cheese, gelatin, and rice as well which is a great help for those busy bugs who always seem to be running short on time.


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Key Features

There is a concealed heating element inside the kettle that is contained in the base of the kettle. The base is made up of stainless steel and does not corrode or become scratched. This kettle can also be easily detached from its base which helps the user when they are using it to serve at the dinner table.

The water level indicator lets its user know how much water has been poured, which helps in making the perfect beverages with just the right proportions. The power indicator is illuminated so the user knows if it is on or not. The Nesco electric tea kettle also has boil-dry protection. Its handle has a firm grip and can be held conveniently. The handle stays cool even with boiling water inside. The pouring spout of the kettle is drip free and does not leak.


  • The kettle is very quiet, unlike other types of kettles.
  • This makes it best for bringing it to the office as it will not disturb other people while making tea or coffee.
  • The glass body looks elegant and has multipurpose options to help the user.
  • The water boils very quickly, taking less time of the user.


  • Has a plastic lined lid.


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The Nesco GWK-02 is a great buy, especially for working ladies or men. It works very quickly and is pretty efficient. It has a beautiful glass body that is simple yet elegant. It can be used in homes as well as workplaces. It does not make loud noises when the water is boiling, thus, does not cause any discomfort. One thing to keep in mind is that you should hold it with care as the illuminated power button is prone to get hot.