Review Of The Michael Graves Electric Kettle

Electric kettles are versatile and allow you to heat liquids very quickly. And some of the better ones on the market are the ones made with stainless steel. These kettles allow you to boil water without having to worry about the rust you’ll find with some steel models or the funny taste you get with some of the plastic models.

When choosing an electric kettle, you should always choose one that keeps the liquids inside it as warm as possible. In other words, you need a kettle with good heat retention. One like the Michael Graves Electric Kettle that comes with a number of user-friendly features and is very convenient to use.

Product Features and Description

The Michael Graves Electric Kettle is an electric kettle which was designed by Michael Graves in 2002. It is manufactured by using 18/10 stainless steel body. The unit has a handle and a bird whistle as well. Once the water boils, the unit will also shut down automatically.

The dimensions of the unit are 11” x 11” x 10.8”. The weight of the unit is approximately 4 pounds. The kettle is well designed and is very stylish. It also uses very little power so you can use it as much as you want without having to worry about jacking up your electric bill.

This kettle also boils water very quickly. The kettle fits on the base very nicely, which means there is no jiggling of the unit while it’s heating up. The kettle is far superior to many competing models. However, the plastic present in the kettle is a bit of concern, especially for a product this expensive. However, many users claim that this kettle will indeed last for a long time even with daily use.

You can certainly make the most from your money with this product. Michael Graves Electric Kettle is also a useful item in the kitchen. You can have high-quality tea, coffee, and various hot liquids anytime you want and it makes serving easy.

The Michael Graves Electric Kettle comes with user-friendly features and its heat retention is good. Thus, it is possible to use the kettle for various occasions. Hot liquids can be enjoyed at your convenience. Another great feature of this kettle is that it can be cleaned really easily.


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Excellent design which uses high-quality steel material. Auto shutdown feature. Kettle is very easy to use and consumes less power


This kettle is slightly bigger than other models and machine wash is not recommended. It’s also very expensive when compared to other models.


If you are looking for a simple and efficient electric kettle, then you might want to look at the  Michael Graves Electric Kettle. This kettle heats quickly and works very well. It also has a great design and looks good in any kitchen. My one real complaint is that it is very expensive. However, if you’re okay with the price tag, then you might want to check it out.