Review of the EPICA Cordless Electric Kettle

People love their tea and coffee and some people need a cup (or two) every single day. Fortunately, they can easily fulfill this desire by purchasing an electric kettle. Electric kettles not only satisfy our coffee and tea cravings by supplying us with the hot water we need to make it with but that same hot water can be used for other purposes as well, such as making noodles or instant soups.

Which is why I’ve been reviewing a few great products on my website lately. And in this article you’re reading today, I am going to continue this trend because I’m going to review one of the most popular kettles on the market today-The Epica Cordless Electric Kettle.

Detailed Review of EPICA Cordless Electric Stainless Kettle

One of its great features is its automatic shut-off, which protects you from this device being a potential fire hazard. This tea kettle also helps you get instant hot water anytime you want it, which helps speed up your food prep as well. Not to mention the fact that you can get a cup of tasty soup as well in only a matter of minutes.

This kettle looks good in just about any kitchen thanks to its modern and stylish look. The entire body of the kettle is stainless steel, which should last for a really long time.

This kettle features an illuminated power indicator and a boil dry protector for safety. An audible “click” sound alerts you once the water gets to the boiling point and the kettle gets switched off.


The kettle has plastic only on the lid for the purpose of providing a tight seal. However, this plastic seal shouldn’t change the taste of your boiled water.

Key Functionalities

The indicator light helps you to identify if the kettle is on or off. The kettle does not need a lot of space as you can completely wrap the cord and hide it when not in use. The cord storage really helps out here.


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Key Product Specifications

This kettle’s power usage is 1500 watts. This helps you boil your water faster than many of the stove top kettles on the market today. It also has an auto-shutoff when the water boils. A convenient indicator light allows you to see if this device is on or off. A locking lid gives it a tight seal. It also pours extremely well without spilling. A water level gauge tells you how much water is in the kettle. This kettle lifts off of its corded base for easy filling and pouring. The length of the cord can be adjusted and the cord can be stored inside of it. The cord is about 37 inches long.

  • Overall Height of the kettle from Top to Bottom: 8.5″
  • Overall Width from Side to Side is 7.5″
  • Overall Depth from Front to Back: 4″

The kettle can hold a decent amount of water (1.75 quarts).


  • Saves time and energy
  • Not very expensive and worth its price
  • Portable and could be used at home or in the office
  • Weighs less than some other models


  • Comparatively tall and might be hard to fill


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Our Verdict

With this kettle, you can rest assured that you are buying a safe device that won’t present you with a fire hazard, thanks to its auto-shutoff feature. It is also a great replacement for that stove top kettle you’ve been thinking about replacing. And thanks to its durable construction, it should provide you with several years of service. I would definitely recommend this kettle to anyone looking to buy one.