Review of DeLonghi kmix boutique electric kettle

An electric tea kettle is an essential kitchen appliance to have. It is a household appliance that is widely used across the globe,  mainly for instant boiling water or making tea. The kettle is built with metal and includes a lid, spout, and a handle. These electric tea kettles are better than the stovetop kettles to avoid dry boiling and any other fire hazards that may occur.

People also use them to make other hot beverages in it. Electric tea kettles are also utilized in the workplace, especially those that do not have the time to have breakfast at home. Just prepare your instant snacks and boost yourself for the rest of your busy day.

About the Manufacturer

The DeLonghi Kmix kettle is manufactured by De’Longhi S.P.A, more commonly known as De’Longhi, which is an Italian company based in Treviso. This company manufactures small appliances and are especially very popular in the market for their exemplary Artista Series espresso machines.

Detailed Review of the DeLonghi Kmix boutique Electric Kettle

The DeLonghi Kmix boutique cordless kettle has a unique design that stands out from most. It is simple and elegant and made with beautiful craftsmanship. The quality is magnificent. The materials chosen for the kettle are durable. Thus, you can expect the kettle to work for you for years to come.

This kettle is available for purchase in many different colors including blue, yellow, orange, and green. Today, I’m discussing the green color kettle in this review. This kettle is designed to hold up to 0.75 liter of water or other liquids. The detachable base and the chord-less design makes this appliance easy to handle. The removable limescale filter is built-in to assure you that your beverage is free of impurities and has the purest taste possible.

Product Specifications

DeLonghi’s kettle is made from durable materials with a die-cast aluminum exterior. The design of this kettle is elegant, and this kettle is of high quality. This kettle is also cordless, thus, it is easy to use and handle. The base can be detached from the body, which really helps while you’re serving the tea. This kettle has a built-in limescale filter that filters impurities and other unwanted materials from the water. This filter can be removed for ease of cleaning. It has a concealed heating element that lets it heat up at a higher level.

Key Features

This kettle has a water level indicator that helps its users know how much water or other beverages they are putting in it. This feature helps when you have to make precise measurements for the drink you are making. It also has a flip-top lid design that helps you pour the beverage quickly.

This kettle has a concealed heating element that assures safety. It also comes with an on and off switch that illuminates, this can be really helpful, especially in darker places.


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  • It is extremely durable.
  • It has an elegant design.
  • It is fast and efficient. It takes roughly two minutes to boil a half filled kettle.
  • This kettle has a smart feature that helps it turn off automatically after the water/beverage in it has boiled thoroughly.
  • This kettle is not like others that are prone to spark upon contact when placed on their powered tray; rather this kettle remains off. This trait extends the life of the contacts, thereby increasing its durability.


  • The contacts in the base are not coated with non-oxidizing metal, therefore, after some years of use they could corrode.
  • After long periods of use, there is some leakage at the on/off button.
  • Price could be a concern for an average middle-class buyer.
  • It is little noisy.
  • Has plastic on the lid.


See Users’ Reviews, Ratings and Price of DeLonghi Kmix boutique Electric Kettle here


To Buy or Not to Buy?

This kettle is very durable and should last for years. The design is exquisite and it seems well-crafted. It also seems pretty fast and efficient. It automatically turns off after the water has boiled, which makes it energy-efficient. It seems like it would be put to good use in the home. However, it probably shouldn’t be used in the workplace because it may be a bit noisy.