Electric Kettle Reviews-The Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Electric Kettle

Are you looking for an electric cordless kettle from a well-known brand which has great features and doesn’t pinch your pockets as well? Well, then the Hamilton Beach electric kettle might be just the right one for you. Let’s explore this great looking kettle a little deeper.

Hamilton Beach is an extremely popular company that sells 35 million appliances every year and has a wide range of home appliance products such as coffee makers, blenders, air care equipment, ovens, toasters and many other household products. Their tradition of quality and success continues in their electric kettles as well the one that we are reviewing today is a fine example of their craftsmanship. This Hamilton Beach electric kettle is also referred as a “10-Cup Kettle”, which means that you can get 10 cups of hot water from this kettle very quickly.


While the device looks really pretty, its core design is impressive too. Made with stainless steel (inside the body and spout), this electrically powered kettle doesn’t disappoint you. Its heating element is concealed and hidden for safety purpose and the lid is made up of plastic. This kettle comes in 2 colors (stainless steel and red) and it weighs approximately 3.2 pounds, which is just about the right weight for a kettle. 


One of the main expectations from any kettle is its ability to heat up the water quickly and Hamilton Beach does a fantastic job here. This kettle can boil water in 5 minutes or less, so there’s no need to worry when you need some hot water for making tea, hot chocolate or even a bowl of soup. Just add water to this device and in less than 5 minutes you’ll have what you want. Super easy 😉

Ease of Use

The kettle itself is a cordless one, which means that you can carry it around easily.  The cord is actually in the base for added convenience. It also has a sturdy handle which offers a good grip while you’re using it. Interestingly enough, the handle stays cool even when the kettle is super hot. I loved this fact. It should also be noted that the base can rotate 360 degrees.

Advanced Features

The Hamilton Beach kettle comes with few great features.

Auto Shut-Off: This intelligent feature keeps the kettle from boiling dry.

Red light indicator: A simple, yet useful indicator light tells you whether the kettle is in use.


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This kettle is very easy to use since the kettle itself is cordless and the cord is actually located in teh base. It has a good handle which offers nice grip while holding. Its automatic shut-off feature ensures safety and avoids over-boiling the water. It’s inexpensive and rapidly boils the water.


This kettle doesn’t have a whistle indicator, yet some users have complained that it was a bit noisy.


This kettle surely scored great marks in many departments, which included design, safety, and the value-to-money factor. I am sure, you will love this kettle too since it can be a great companion to you in the home or while you’re traveling.