Comparing a Stove Kettle and an Electric Kettle-Which One is Better?

A lot of people ask this question. If we compare a stove kettle and an electric kettle, then which one is better? Hot water is one of those things that people have loved having access to for a long time now. And people need hot water for cooking and making beverages in just about every one of their life stages, from toddlers all the way to seniors.

Stove and Electric Kettles

And there are many other devices that can be used such as a dispenser for boiling water,  but these two devices (the stove kettle and the electric kettle) are the most commonly used one in modern society for boiling liquids.

Stove Kettle Brings Water To A Rolling Boil

If the temperature of the water is your only requirement, then it should be stated that the stove kettle is capable of producing hot water which is even hotter than the boiling point. Which is why so many people like to use them for boiling water for their delicious coffee or for steeping tea. And if a comparison was made between a stove kettle and an electric kettle based just on this requirement, then the stove kettle would most surely win.

However, the stove kettle also has its own set of disadvantages. Which is why some people choose to instead go out and buy an electric kettle for their kitchen instead of a stove kettle. And one aspect in which the electric kettle is superior is portability and convenience.



Convenience and Portability – The Main Highlights of an Electric Kettle

Although the electric kettle uses electricity and needs to be plugged in at least during some stage of the boiling process, it still is more convenient than a stove kettle. That’s because these kettles have a number of different features which really adds to their convenience factor. These include the ability to maintain their temperatures and being able to auto shut off.

Power Consumption

While the stove kettle can boil water to a higher temperature than an electric kettle, an electric kettle is able to boil water faster. That’s because they use an electrically powered element that heats up very quickly. This is especially true of the more famous brands on the market today.

Just remember that an electric kettle with a higher wattage will generally heat up water faster than that with a lower wattage. If you buy a low wattage electric kettle, then it may be slower than a stove top one, but generally speaking, the electric one should be faster.



How to Choose the Right One?

So how do you choose the most suitable kettle for you? One of the most important considerations is to check the capacity of the device, how hot you need to water to get and how fast you need it to come to a boil. If you do all that, then you should be able to choose the kettle that is right for you without any problem.