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The Difference Between a Teapot, Electric Kettle and Tea Pot Warmer

When it comes to shopping for kitchenware or tableware, you might sometimes find it difficult to differentiate between a tea pot, electric kettle and a tea warmer. While they perform almost the same functions in the kitchen, there are a few ways in which they’re different. While

What is BPA and Why Should Your Electric Kettle be Plastic Free?

Kettles are considered must-have tools in the kitchen. They are used for boiling water, brewing tea or coffee, sanitizing bottles and jars, and just about anything else you can think of. And most of them are regarded as beingĀ safer than stove kettles. Which, in fact, they are

The History of Kettles

In ancient China, soldiers and travelers used to boil water. They came to know that by boiling water to a certain temperature, impurities in it get removed. To give the boiling water an added flavor they started using green tea leaves which finally lead to the formation