Black Beauty-A Review of the National Presto Electric Tea Kettle

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Last week, I decided to review a tea kettle instead of a water kettle because a lot of our readers were really interested in knowing what the leading electric tea kettles were and wanted to understand their pros and cons too. So here we are; Presenting you with an in-depth review of the National Presto Electric Tea Kettle.

How Is A Tea Kettle Different Than a Water Kettle?

Well, there is not much difference except that a tea kettle is designed in such a way that it allows for the steeping of tea and some models even come with infusers for brewing loose leaf or a tea bag. Water kettles are usually just used for boiling the water to place into a cup for tea.

The tea kettle we are reviewing today is an electrically powered device that allows you to steep tea (loose or bag) and lets you enjoy your favorite tea served hot in just a few minutes.


The Presto Tea Kettle is well designed: it has a nice body shape and the handle seems firm and very comfortable to hold. This device holds about 5 cups of water or tea.  The base of the kettle is made of stainless steel and the inside is made of plastic.

It has a color-coded temperature guide that helps you understand the temperature needs for different types of tea, so you can set the temperature accordingly.

You also have a timer provided to limit the boiling time according to need (as per temperature control panel’s suggested timings). Due to the integration of the above features, Presto fares pretty well in the design department.

Ease of Use

We felt that the kettle is pretty straight forward to use.

All you need to do is to switch on the teapot by plugging it in and then putting the water inside the kettle and setting it based on the type of tea you are making. If you’re making green tea, then you set it to the green tea setting. If you’re making oolong tea, then you would set it to that setting. Then you simply place the loose tea or tea bag into the pot and wait for the timer to alert you. When you’re done, unplug it and you’re done. Easy!

What Are Customers Saying About This Kettle?

3 Things Customers Loved about this Teapot

  1. It Performs Well
  2. Has A Handy Temperature Suggestion Panel And Timer.
  3. Looks Attractive.

3 Things Customers Didn’t Like about this Teapot

  1. Short Cord: Many people complained about short cord length
  2. Inside Of The Kettle Is Plastic: Some folks didn’t like this aspect
  3. Lacks An ON/OFF switch: You will need to switch off the power source itself to switch off the kettle


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The kettle has great design and quickly boils water or tea. It also comes with a nice infusion bucket. The temperature suggestion panel/timer helps to set the temperature according to the type of tea one is preparing. It has a decent price.


This kettle is not cordless and the cord provided is pretty short. Inside of kettle is plastic (only base is stainless steel) and may make your water or tea smell funny.