Aroma H20 X-Press Cordless Electric Kettle Review

I hope you’ve been enjoying the articles on my website so far. Since I started I’ve been dedicated to bringing you all the latest and greatest information about electric kettles. I hope that it has served you well. Today, I’m back with another review of a very popular electric kettle called the Aroma Hot H20 X-Press Electric Water Kettle.

About the Manufacturer

Aroma Housewares Company is based in the United States and has a good range of home appliances that seemingly dominate the market. Aroma’s products continue to win the hearts of hundreds of thousands of households all over the world. Although they have several models of electric cordless kettles, this particular model (the H20 X-Press) is one of the best-selling kettles I’ve ever decided to review.

Core Aspects

One of the main reasons people buy an electric kettle is to make sure they always have hot water on hand when they need to make tea or perhaps a bowl of soup. And this unit surely provides this hot water and plenty of it. Hot water that you can use while you’re traveling to whip up a cup of tea, a bowl of soup or even to boil an egg.

The Aroma electric kettle performs brilliantly in this core area. It brings water to a boiling level in no time flat and can accommodate 1.5 liters of water (about 6 cups) inside it. It also has a plastic handle that doesn’t transfer the heat, so it’s easy and safe to pick up and pour. The handle is large and sturdy, as well.

Look and Feel

The Aroma H20 X-Press looks really slick and feels lightweight (it weighs approximately 2.8 pounds) while holding. It’s a cordless kettle, which offers obvious benefits such as freedom of movement and ease of usage.

As you can see in the picture (right side), the kettle has a plastic transparent display for showing water level which is a good feature to have. It’s polished stainless steel and its base can rotate 360-degrees making it easy for the user to lift the kettle.

Special Features

Similar to the Hamilton Beach Kettle,  this kettle also comes with an automatic function shut-off feature. Which means no over boiling the water or wasting precious electricity. It also has overfill protection, which is another useful feature. If it’s overfilled, then it drains off the excess water.


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This kettle heats up the water quickly and is safe to handle. It also has an automatic shut-off feature to prevent over boiling the water. Users also really love the big and sturdy handle that makes it easy to pour.


This kettle lacks an easy release top.


I was pretty impressed with the Aroma H20 X-Press Kettle today. It’s inexpensive, looks nice and has a number of features. It is certainly a kettle that I would think about buying again.