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An Electric Kettle

A kettle has managed to become one of the ‘must-have’ devices in our kitchens. And why not? It offers some incredible benefits, ranging from boiling plain water, to steeping tea and even boiling eggs. Kettles are so common that people frequently use them several times a day for all kinds of different purposes.

Kettles have evolved over the years and have developed some tremendous technological advancements, with hundreds of different manufacturers developing several different types and models of kettles.

One of the most significant inventions was an electric kettle, invented back in 1891 by Crompton and Company. These types of electrically powered kettles are now very commonly used and loved by households all over the world.

Because there are several different makers of electric kettles and a wide range of choices available for the buyer, it can sometimes be a challenging task for a buyer to understand and decide which kettles actually fits his needs and meets his price range. Unfortunately, more choices also mean more confusion for the consumer.

While most people just go with some of the more popular brands or pick up the costliest kettle out there, they can still save lots of time and money (of course) if they get the right advice on selecting the right electric kettle. Remember, if you decide to read each and every review out there, assuming you don’t shortlist the best one, you may end up spending lots of time and even end up buying the wrong kettle (which, in most cases, is an overpriced kettle). Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because I’ll take care of this problem for you.

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Ultimate Comparison Guide

To make it really easy for you to know who are the leading players and what are the best electric kettles on the market, I have come up with a dynamic kettle comparison guide. This guide details the top electric kettles available online and their important specifications/features. Features that really matter when you are choosing an electric kettle. Now, let’s head to the comparison guide:

Click Here To See the Ultimate Comparison Guide

Why an Electric Kettle?

People love convenience and portability. Electrically powered kettles surely provide these features to people who are homemakers or people who are frequent travelers. Unlike stove top kettles that are highly dependent on a stove for boiling liquids, electric kettles are very handy, operated only by an electric source. And since most of these devices are cordless in nature, you can freely take/move the kettle along with you.

Imagine you are traveling on a train with your family, including your baby, and an urgent need arises for boiled water that can only be solved quickly by having an electric kettle at your disposal. Without any hassles, you boil the hot water within a matter of a few minutes.

You can also use this water for making black tea/green tea/oolong tea. Because of the usefulness and added convenience the device offers, electric kettles have become really popular and occupy prime space in just about every kitchen!

How to Choose the Best Electric Kettle

One of the difficulties people face when they look for an electric kettle (especially first-time buyers), is they fail to choose the right one. Which actually means choosing the one that fits their needs and lines up with their budget. What they end up doing is either buying the most expensive one (with loads of features that they may not even use at all) or buy the cheapest device out there that lacks the most basic features.

This situation presents a unique challenge to most folks:  How to select the best electric kettle? In this section, I am going to share with you a few simple steps for getting a great kettle that puts a smile on your face (and probably keeps your wallet healthy too).

Aspect 1: Verify that the Basic Functions of the Kettle are Satisfactory

First and foremost, a kettle’s main function is to boil water effectively and quickly. As a buyer, the first thing you need to check is how well it completes this task. What’s the boiling time specified by the manufacturer? Most of the well-branded kettles can bring the water to rolling boil in under 5 minutes.

The ability to heat the water actually depends on the wattage of the electric kettle. The higher the wattage, the faster the heating time. So check out the power capacity of the kettle. You should try to aim for a device that has wattage between 1000 – 1500 watts. That seems like a decent range.

Aspect 2: What is the Capacity of the Kettle?

Unlike a stove top kettle, an electric kettle can store a decent amount of water even after heating and keep it hot for some time after switching off the power source. You should aim for a device that offers at least 1 Liter of storage capacity, or about 4 cups. Most kettles come with a storage capacity between 1 Liter-1.5 Liters. So choose the right capacity depending on your particular needs. Some kettles measure their capacity in terms of “cups”, and not liters, such as in the case of the 10 Cup Electric Kettle by Hamilton Beach.

Aspect 3: Design Considerations

Go for the cordless kettle: Most of the electric kettles released today are cordless. If possible, also try to select one of these models. That’s because cordless models allow the kettle to move more freely and makes it more portable. A kettle whose cord can’t be removed from the power source even after switching of the power results in limited functionality and loss of convenience to the user. You should also go for a cordless kettle with a base 360-degree swivel rotation, whenever possible.

Stainless Steel is the Best:  You should always try to choose a product that is made up of stainless steel (or at least one in which the inside part is stainless steel). If the inside of the kettle is made up of plastic, then you may end up experiencing some smell, over time, from using the kettle.

Aspect 4: Safety and Enhanced Utility Features

Last, but not least, you need to consider the safety aspects of the kettle as well.

Auto Shutdown feature: Does the kettle have an automatic shut-down feature when it reaches its boiling point? Make sure that it does, otherwise, you face the risk of the kettle drying out or over-boiling. Both of which results in the same potential hazards.

Safe handle: Does the handle of the kettle get hot when the kettle is boiling water? Ideally, a good design should ensure that the handle is made of high-quality plastic or fiber so that the user doesn’t feel the heat while he is pouring the hot liquid from the device.

Reviews Of Top 5 Electric Kettles

Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Kettle

This is a very popular kettle and does really well in the areas of performance, design, and features. Packed with some useful features which include an auto-shutoff and a “heat-free” handle, it’s sure to be loved by you and your family members. It is definitely a device to check out. For more information. please read our full review of this kettle.

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Cuisinart PerfecTemp Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Loaded with attractive features such as an auto shut-off, a water level indicator, sleep mode, preset temperature settings and a stay warm setting, this cordless kettle boils 1.7 liters of water in no time flat. It also has nice control panels as well. Read my complete review of this kettle.

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Aroma AWK HotPress Cordless Kettle

This great looking product from Aroma does an excellent job when it comes to heating the water rapidly and also has a nice handle for a better grip. This device has an automatic shut-off when the water reaches its boiling point, which makes it safer for the user. It also is affordable priced and would make a nice addition to any kitchen. Read the full review here.

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T-fal Electric Kettle

T-fal looks very trendy and stylish and it will probably most please the folks who love to have a kettle that matches their kitchen decor. However, it not only has style, but this product also has some cool features, which include variable temperature control. Interested in reading more about this kettle? Click here.

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Proctor Silex Electric Kettle

Even though it’s one of the cheapest electric kettles out there, this one doesn’t disappoint you. It is just as good as some of the more expensive models. I was not surprised that this device got so many users’ reviews. Read the in-depth review of this kettle here

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